Dance Music Radio

I have been a professional TV and Radio Presenter for over several years. I started at the age of 11 at school entertaining over 1500 students age 11 to 18. very Thursday entry 5 pence raising to ten pence. At the age of 14 I was spotted and signed up to my manager Mr Super bad from the K-Tel tv adverts, an x professional boxer, from Brooklyn New York, ranked number 6 in the world heavy weights in 1961. Behind Mahammad Ali who was number 1. 


I started at the King Charles Regency Nightclub, which turned into a nine room venue with all different types of music, the first in the UK i believe. Then I launched he Super club called Excalibur, with a dance floor on hydraulics that went up to the roof. whilst in Kent I had the pleasure of being a committee member of a new radio station called Medway FM, I did the dance music show every Friday and Saturday. I had some very special guests on my show.


Ant and Deck then called PJ & Duncan, spoke with me for over thirty minutes at the Smash hits Award Ball, you could hear Kylie rehearsing in the background, and Brittany Spears walked past. Made a comment on air. The second guest was Deck Clusky the lead singer of the Batchelor’s, who had achieved 20 top 10 hits. 


The most exclusive and special interview was Barbara Windsor inside Rochester Cathedral. Where she gave me a big exclusive massive scoop, that she was going to be Phil and Grant Mitchel’s mum. Called Peggy Mitchel. 


I have worked all over the world as a DJ, singer and dancer on a world tour with my manager Mr Super bad, alias Freddie Mack. 

Played in the top dance nightclubs and bars in Ibiza, Ayi Napa and Holland. I am currently launching my singer songwriter and producer career, With some massive dance music. I own 2 record companies, 


I made history becoming the first black promoter and DJ to put on an all-black soul Festival, playing all black music. On a Wednesday night I completely filled the Hippodrome in London, with a wicked personal appearance from the Funk Masters, featuring the hit song I can’t believe it's over.


I have my very own DJ academy, being a qualified teacher with a Degree, I have put together a massive training course with modules and mentoring to produce the next 10 top DJ's in the UK. Pushing dance music to the next level. Training will be on-going and free to the presenters on Dance FM. Dance Fantastic Music.