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I Have been a professional DJ and radio presenter for over 20 years. I started at the age of 11 at school. entertaining over 1500 students age between 11 to 18 every Thursday. entry charge was 5 pence raising to 10 pence. At the age of 14, I was spotted and signed up by my manager, Mr. superbad the film star from the K'Tel  TV adverts on TV. He was a X professional boxer from Brooklyn New York New York. Ranked number 6 in the World Heavyweights in 1961 real name Freddie Mac, behind the number 1 at the time Mohamad ALI. 


My first  gig was at 14 The Marlowe rooms and Zoom Nightclub in Sidcup. Then I started my professional career at the Regency Nightclub in Gillingham, which turned into a 9 Clubs venue, playing all different types of music. The first in the UK I believe. Excalibur became the first nightclub that had a dancefloor that went up as far as the ceiling. We had some fantastic and famous PAs. like Fat Larrys Band, Edwin Star. General Levi, Froggy, Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Five Star, Take That, The Spice Girls Curtis Hurston, and the Brilliant  PRODIGY. We had over 800 Pop dance and Soul star performances from big artists.


Whilst in Kent I was very proud to be a committee member who successfully launched a new radio station called Medway FM. Now renamed to KMFM all over Kent. To help with the profile of the station I decided to call on a few superstars for a live unscripted interviews on air. On The Dance Music shows every Friday and Saturday night.


Special guests like the Biker Grove stars called PJ and Duncan. Real names Ant and Deck are now TV megastars. this interview was quite unbelievable, we had two gatecrashers who were rehearsing their shows at the Smash hits award.  Kylie was on stage singing, then completely out of the blue, Britney Spears walked by and said Hi guys. I asked Ant to put her on the phone for being rude, whilst I was interviewing them. Ant replied " I can't do that Keith she is Britney Spears man". A 30-minute interview with lots of fun and laughter. Plus, how many artists can say they have had over 20 top 10 hits. The lead singer of the Bachelors Deck Clusky, who got married to Sandra who was a member of the Top Of The Pops dance troop, called Pans People. They is a second interview which will make you all say. This could have been amazing. for Dance music.


The late great young lady called Barbara Windsor, gave me a career scoop in The Rochester Cathedral to a packed cathedral. she said to me. " Keith you have been very nice to me, I have enjoyed your interviewing skills your a saucy cheeky young man. So here is an exclusive for you. Yesterday the BBC asked me to consider being in EastEnders as Phil and Grant Mitchel's mum. Today I have said yes, I would love to be Peggy Mitchel".


I have worked with several top DJ's Around the world, in my career as a Personality Vocal DJ I have achieved so far 38 DJ of the year Awards.  For presentation and performances consistently. I am very proud of this. and now I will train and coach up and coming DJ's to reach their full potential. I am a qualified teacher and have already started a Academy, free to my presenters on Dance Music Radio.


I toured the world twice with my manager Freddie Mac Alias Mr Superbad, as a Singer, Dancer and DJ. Performing with lots and lots of top Dance house Soul pop RnB Hip Hop and Music of black origin Artistes. Most of the classic anthems records I have played, it is crazy but I have either met them or work with them as a youngster, because my manager Mr. Superbad open several windows and doors of opportunities. Michael Jackson meetings was very special to me. 


I have played in top Nightclubs Festivals Dance clubs Stadiums and hundreds of different countries like, Russa Holland Cyprus Canada Brazil Dubai Japan China Spain South Africa Norway Sweden Denmark, Czech Republic, Croatia and every 52 states of the USA.

With My Manager Mr. Superbad.


I have performed on American Radio as well as UK radio.

some very well-known stations. But the only one that i want you to remember is Medway FM because a lot of history was made there. Plus, now Dance Music Radio. Com. Please watch out for the launch of the best of the best Soul Station coming in 2022

Called Sky Soul Music Radio.


I have written 43 tracks to launch a new career as a singer songwriter, record producing re-edits and mixing.

I own 2 record labels one for RnB Soul &. compilations, the other for Dance Music.


I made history becoming the first black promoter and DJ to put on an all-black DJs Soul Festival, playing all black music, on a wednesday night at the London Hippodrome

it was packed to capacity. A wicked personal appearance from the Funk Masters, with their Hit song, "I can't believe it's over".


I have my very own Academy, being a qualified teacher with a Degree, I have put together a massive training course with modules and mentoring to produce the next top ten top DJs in the UK. Pushing Dance Music to the next level, as I have already said training will be free to the presenters who are on Dance FM. By the way the FM

means Fantastic Music.




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